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Firepots come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Firepots are great for indoors or outside and add the ambiance of a crackling fire. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that firepot fuel gel in bottles poses a safety hazard to consumers because some consumers fail to follow warnings not to try and add fuel gel to a burning firepot. Fuel gel in single use cans is deemed to be OK by the CSPC and many firepots accept the cans. Fire Pot sales are NOT impacted by the CSPC.

Directions for use:

* Fill stainless steel cup with fuel gel to no more than 1 inch from the top.
* Do not overfill.
* Carefully light fuel gel with a fireplace or grill type lighter.
* Enjoy the ambiance of the dancing flames.
* When finished, use the metal snuffer to cover the flame and extinguish the fire.
* Never leave a burning FIREPOT unattended.
* Keep away from children and pets.
* Never add anything to the Fuel Gel.
* Always burn in a well ventilated area.
* NEVER burn a Firepot on or near anything that might burn or catch fire.
* NEVER use any liquid (including water) to attempt to extinguish Firepot flame - it will not work and may spread the fire.
* ALWAYS allow your Firepots to cool completely before moving.
* Metal Fuel Gel reservoir may be hot; handle with care.
* Do not burn Citronella gel indoors!
Alternative firepot fuels are expected on the market soon.

Instructional Safety Video

More Instructions & Warnings